~~ Share, celebrate & promote Maitland's diverse history ~~ 11th 12th 13th June 2021
Maitland Heritage Fest


A Thank You to the generous sponsors of Maitland Heritage Fest 2021

PRD Hunter Valley
are the major sponsors of
Maitland Heritage Fest 2021

They have also provided an excellent prize for our major raffle. . a 6 person cruise at Port Stephens. Keep a look out for tickets on sale around the town.

PRD Hunter valley is independently owned and operated by Chris & Rhonda Nyquist and was officially opened in July 2001.

Their generous support of many of Maitland & surround activities is well known & appreciated.

Boydell’s are a generous sponsor of the Heritage Fest Dinner @ Mansfield House Friday 11th June

Boydell’s is arguably the site of the very first vineyard in the Hunter Valley. Settled in 1826 by Welshman Charles Boydell, the fertile land was used to grow all sorts of popular commodities but mostly tobacco and wine

You can also enjoy award winning Boydell’s wines and decadent dining at their new cellar door and restaurant – located in Morpeth, the Hunter’s most historic village.

Experience Boydell’s award winning winds at the Maitland Heritage Festival Dinner @ Mansfield House, with a glass of bubbles on arrival, and paired wine at dinner. Along with entertainment by Spring Tide.

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dinner at Mansield House
Friday 11th June
Maitland Heritage Fest 2021 Dinner @ Mansfield House ~ Book now

Kirkwoods Produce has been a generous sponsor of the inaugural Maitland Heritage Festival.

Kirkwoods have a long history in the Hunter Region & will be celebrating 100 years  having been established in 1921 by the Kirkwood Brothers
Kirkwood’s carry a wide range of products and services for all your produce needs & their staff are always on-hand to answer any questions.

Mai-wel are generous sponsors of Maitland Heritage Fest 2021.

Mai-wel play a large role in the Maitland area both directly through their key work providing opportunity and choice to people with a disability, but also through their support & paricipation with other businesses & organisations.

Mai-wel began in 1960 when a number of Maitland-based families met and shared their concerns about the lack of recognition of the needs of their children with disability for an education and opportunities for life. This event marked the formation of Mai-Wel. The challenge to remove the discrimination experienced by people with a disability and their carers is as strong a motive today as it has been throughout the past 60 years.

Maitland City Council

A big thank you to Maitland City Council & their events team.
We were fortunate to be a recipient of a Maitland City Council‘s community grant scheme and were also offered invaluable support from their experienced events team. Much appreciated.

It’s worth paying a visit to the council’s online History & Heritage page as there’s lots of information, links and some great historic photos.

Sun Street Studios

Occupies one of Mailtand’s historic old buildings known in the 1840’s as Dickson’s store. The Dickson brothers played a crucial role in the early development of Maitland opening up a direct shipping route from England for the goods they sold. The brothers were also very active in the community & James Dickson represented Maitland as a member of the NSW legislature until his untimely death in 1863

In 1872 the building then began a long career as a hotel, being Hook’s Family Hotel, Muirs Family Hotel, The Excelsior, Browns Hotel, Fulford Hotel, Cohen’s Hotel, Bickerton’s Royal and finally The Royal Hotel, and then spent around 30 years as the Hunter Valley Christian Life Centre.

For the past 7 years it has operated as a studio, rehearsal space and occasional community venue, hosting events such as the almost annual Sun Street Youth Festival and occasionally a location for Maitland Library’s Look Who’s Talking Showcase, Local History Talks, and last years Indie Writers Festival.
Sun Street Studios is currently undergoing renovations and, as a result of a post-covid rethink, will be moving away from their tradional studio and liver sound work and more into event hosting.

Sun Street Studios operators like to give back to the Mailtand Community that welcomed them so warmly back in 2014.
246 High street has played a role in many Mailtand activities over it’s 180 or so years and Sun Street Studios look forward to hosting on Saturday 12th June, as a part of Maitland Heritage Fest,
a Piano Recital of the Historic Mindaribba Waltz by Maitland’s own composer Henry C. “Harry” Hyndes (1862-1898), published circa 1895. Sun Street Studios willl also be providing staging and sound at several events around Maitland over the Heritage Fest weekend.

Piano Recital ~ Mindaribba Waltz
@ Sun Street Studios
12th June
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Piano Recital – Mindaribba Waltz & more @ Sun Street Studios ~ Bookings essential

Mansfield House

The marvelous Mansfield House is to be the venue for several events over the Maitland Heritage Fest weekend.
Starting with the Mansfiels Heritage Fest Dinner Friday 11th June. Bookings are essential.

This will be a fabulous event with a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival provided by Boydell’s, a 2 course meal & entertainment by Spring Tide.
There will be 2 tours of Mansfield House including a devonshire tea on the Sunday afternoon13th June.

Chris & Tom Richards have been great supporters of Maitland history & Maitland Heritage Fest, and Mansfield House is truly a gem in the crown of Maitland with its with its grand features and lavish 1887 architecture.
Mansfield House has been operating as one of the Hunters premiere wedding & function venues. It has an unique grandeur and ambiance and this is a great opportunity for visitors to view it and learn more of its history.

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dinner at Mansield House
Friday 11th June
Maitland Heritage Fest 2021 Dinner @ Mansfield House ~ Book now

The Mutual bank has a long history in Maitland and a long history in supporting Maitland community events.

Founded in 1888 by a group of passionate Maitland locals, The Mutual Bank was established with the mission to ensure that financial investment stayed within the local area.

Throughout its 130-year history The Mutual Bank has prevailed through two World Wars, the Great Depression, floods, coalfield riots, the Global Financial Crisis, and most recently the Coronavirus epidemic, offering strength, security and stability to members and the local community.

Maitland Regional Museum

Maitland Regional Museum has played a major role in organising and auspicing Maitland Heritage Festival and those involved in it.

Maitland Regional Museum (MRM)was formed in 2013 with the key objective to realise a regional museum for Maitland. MRM intends to demonstrate the need for, and benefits of a Maitland Museum through curating exhibitions, establishing and caring for a collection of significant items, collaborating with like-minded organisations and groups, and initiating a range of other relevant activities

In 2017, MRM entered into a relationship with the National Trust and a collaborative partnership with the Museum of Clothing and the Friends of Grossmann House to lease Brough House and to use the premises as an exhibition and administrative base for the MRM, Friends of Grossmann and the Museum of Clothing.
The main rooms are shared for temporary exhibitions by the three collaborating organisations.

The location of Maitland Museum in historic Brough House is one of the key locations of Maitland Heritage Fest 2021’s community event in the Church Street Precinct.
There will be exhibits, stalls, food & entertainment.

Another generous Maitland business, the sign shop has been servicing Maitland, Newcastle and Hunter Valley area for over 30 years,

Their team of signwriters produce professional signage for exhibitions, shopfronts, indoors, real estate & pylons. They’ve certainly been a great support to Maitland Heritage Fest for our flyers & posters.

Still more sponsors to follow – Maitland Anglican Church, The National Trust & Maitland Regional Museum
but must take a break, go and eat and walk around