Maitland Regional Museum
Maitland Regional Museum

Maitland Regional Museum

Maitland Regional Museum Auspicing Maitland Heritage Fest,
the Museum will be open over the festival weekend but well worth a visit any time.

Maitland Regional Museum.

Maitland Regional Museum is a portal to the story of Maitland and its history.  The Museum presents exhibitions and events that challenge, inform and educate. aims to cover all areas of human activity and our place in the Valley by presenting events and exhibitions which inform, challenge and educate visitors.  Working in collaboration with other groups and using a range of approaches the museum promotes historical awareness of Maitland and its place in Australian history.

The Museum is currently housed in historic Brough House and is hoping through to raise awareness and support for a dedicated building suited to house the museum and its collections and exhibitions.
Visit the museum page.

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