Share, celebrate & promote Maitland's diverse history ~ Church St Precinct & sites around the City ~ 18 to 19 June 2022 ~ more details announced soon
The Maitland Town Criers
The Maitland Town Criers

The Maitland Town Criers

As long as there has been news to share, there have been messengers to deliver it!

So keep an ear out for Maitland Repertory’s Town Criers in the Grounds of St Marys
12th & 13th June

Read more on the history of town criers on the Loyal Company of Town Criers
To see more town criers competing in the Provincial town crier competition being held in Maitland, Canada.

The glorious Town Crier pictured below is not indeed a Maitland Town Crier but another one perhaps a little more famous:
Peter Moore has been The London Town Crier at the Wayback Machine for more than 30 years. He is Town Crier for The Mayor of London, The City of Westminster, and London Boroughs.
I’m sure our Maitland Criers will be just as impressive ….
kindly provided by the Maitland Repertory Theatre

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